Friday, 21 December 2012

Welcome to Boston Eye's Christmas countdown

Traditionally, Christmas is a time when we remember those less fortunate than ourselves, and this year’s Boston Eye appeal is aimed at a small band of men and women who have struggled against the odds for little appreciation or reward.
Seven of them live huddled together in a cabinet, of all places, whilst the Mayor and his team have to make do with no more than a parlour to call home.
We want you to give generously to senior Boston councillors like these - a  number of whom are also Lincolnshire County Councillors -  striving  to make ends meet on combined allowances of around £20,000 a year. Some of them also have occupational and old age pensions to make life easier – but enough is never enough in these straitened days, is it?
So far, they have bravely grasped the nettle by giving themselves a 20% increase over the next two years.
But if you give to this year’s appeal, we hope to help them achieve their goal and elevate the borough council leader’s allowance from its current pitiful  £6,500 a year to equal that of his counterpart in South Holland – who gets  £19,300.
We urge you to ignore the fact that South Holland is bigger and better run than Boston.
After all, it’s only fair that our leader gets the same as theirs.
Isn’t it?
Join us on Monday for the annual Boston Eye Christmas card
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  1. And there I was believing that serving your community was a calling, not a job ......

    1. I think that David Cameron refers to it as being the 'Big Society'......