Tuesday, 26 February 2013

It’s emerged that a child came within inches of death or serious injury in Boston Market Place after its buggy was left behind a parked car out of sight of the driver.
The incident happened as the debate over safety in the Market Place intensifies – along with growing calls for the Into Town bus service to be banned from using Strait Bargate as a rat run when its contract comes up for renewal in June.
Former Councillor John Storry reported the incident to Boston Eye.
Mr Storry, who quit the Boston Bypass Independents over issues concerning funding of the Princess Royal Sports Arena and the group’s decision to continue contributing regardless of local opinion, told us: “Some brain-dead male recently parked a buggy containing a child behind a car in such a position that it was invisible to the driver (I’m sure a mother wouldn’t have done it!) and wandered off to have a natter with a buddy some feet away, so there was no obvious connection between him and the baby.
“As the clutch began to bite, a slight flicker from the very edge of the buggy handle in the rear-view mirror alerted the driver and a tragedy was averted but we’re talking hairsbreadths and milliseconds here.”
Mr Storry added: “The basic problem of Market Place Parking appears to have been completely overlooked or, at least, distorted by unhelpful partisan comments.
“Like it or not, the Market Place is a designated ‘road’ and the only priority pedestrians have is on the pavements.
“So the primary responsibility is theirs to take care not only to avoid being ‘run over’ but to make sure their own actions do not endanger others.
There’s definitely a ‘fatal’ on the cards unless the authorities ‘unroad’ the area to make the problem go away completely, or a decision is taken to identify collective responsibilities and police the antics of all those who seek to classify themselves as road users.”
A week ago today there was a “briefing” for councillors on the Into Town bus service.
It was so named as it was held informally, without the public or press present, and had no powers to take proposals or vote on anything at all.
Representatives from Lincolnshire County Council and the Brylaine bus company also attended.
Whilst everyone apparently agreed that the service was a good thing, many councillors did not want it to see it continue using Strait Bargate or the Market Place and wanted to know why the buses couldn’t turn round and go back out of the pedestrian area instead of coming through it.
The reaction from the Brylaine representative was dismissive to say the least.
When told of the level of public concern over the issue one of them apparently shrugged, turned to his colleague and asked: "Where are all these people?"
It sounds as though the buses will continue to run through Strait Bargate regardless the concerns of both councillors and the public.
Who says that County Hall does not tell Boston borough what to do?
And worse still, the county appears to be more sympathy with a bus company than with the people.
But don’t forget that tomorrow councillors will be available between 10am and 2pm on a stall near the Ingram Memorial for voters to talk to them about the service they receive.
It would be an excellent opportunity to raise issues concerning the Market Place, and also the vexed subject of the introduction of residents’ parking – which the borough seems determined to delay   for as long as it can.
Some good news in all of this is that disabled blue badge holders may have a few more parking spaces in the Market Place than was previously thought.
We are told that Boston Borough Council has confirmed that the ‘no waiting’ sign by the Ingram memorial operates as double yellow lines - so disabled drivers can still park there ‘free’ for a maximum of three  hours. 

Boston Borough Council tells us that Councillor Paul Mould, who died last week, had been due to join the consultation team in the Market Place tomorrow to help with the Have Your Say survey. As a mark of respect this consultation session will be postponed until Wednesday, March 6 from 10am until 2pm.

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