Sunday, 22 November 2015

Boston: time to  stand up

A reader has sent us a link to a petition site - with a request to Boston Borough Council to refuse a forthcoming application to turn yet another neighbourhood shop into an off-license.
We have reproduced the edited highlights below,
The argument is a no-brainer - Boston is being destroyed by booze shops - and it is time that the council took a stand in support of the voters ... with no more mealy mouthed excuses.
If you wish to sign the petition, then you will find it  by clicking this link
You will need to sign up, and you will be emailed by asking you to support  more of the petitions on their site.
But you can ignore all of that.
Just back what is important for Boston ...

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1 comment:

  1. Sadly Malcolm our brainless bunch of idiots in Worst Street will yet again totally ignore the blatantly obvious and grant this regardless, who in their right mind wants drunken morons performing outside adjacent to their homes in this residential area from 5 in the morning, none of the Worst Street Mob would, nor would our alleged MP who seems to think the more outlets the merrier and says not one person has complained to the authorities, the mans a complete dick if he is happy to see the town destroyed, my god even the police have at long last realised the problem.