Wednesday, 10 February 2016

 Forget Party in the Park
parking in the park
may be the next big thing
We mentioned yesterday how dense Boston Borough Council can be at times – and if what we’re heard about their latest big idea is true, then they have excelled themselves ... even by their usual lamentable standards.
Readers with long memories will recall the plan to build an ornamental garden in Central Park.
It was going to be “Victorian,” and then because it coincided with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012 it was hastily declared to be a Jubilee Garden instead.
For something costing £10,000 it was a half-hearted effort – a cluster of B&Q fence posts and a fountain that was vandalised within days of being switched on.
As our photo above shows, it still presents the same dismal outlook – but at least it’s better than tarmac.
Or is it?
We’re told that Worst Street’s new big idea is to remove it, surface the site, and use it for parking.
The excuse for this will be that not enough people “enjoy” the park – but if they are able actually to drive within feet of the grass, all that will change.
A useful spin-off from this tosh will, of course,to create much needed income for the council.
We paced the area when we took the photo – and reckon that it is possible to get about 40 cars on the site.
With the charge for short term parking at £1.60 an hour, this could generate hundreds of pounds a week – whether or not people actually parked there to visit to park or not.
What next, we wonder?
Well, if the idea went ahead, the gates on Tawney Street would need to be widened to allow two-way traffic to pass – unless Boston was to gain yet another set of traffic lights!
Then if it was a success, we could foresee someone arguing for a one-way system around the perimeter – entering via Tawney Street and departing at Park Gate.
From there, it’s just a short hop to turning the whole thing into a car park or a housing estate.
Either way, Worst Street would net a fortune!

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