Tuesday, 21 June 2016

It’s our de-light
on a murky night –
unless we foot the bill

We mentioned last week the ceaseless official determination by Boston Borough Council to degrade life for the residents of the town centre through its illegal abuse of the tax raising powers of its town centre committee B-Take – but let’s not forget that our 19 parish councils are suffering as well.
Another cunning plan to save money set out in its “transformation” programme is to dump bills elsewhere – thus transforming the borough into a scruffy, neglected place where the leaders get the credit for kow-towing to their bosses in Whitehall – and the rest of us pay the price.
Worst Street is devolving the charges for footpath lighting and grass cutting on the parishes – with the edict that if they don’t pay, they stumble around in the dark behind a barricade of weeds.
Some “choice” eh?
As is so often the case when Worst Street writes the rules, the penmanship isn’t always joined up as it should be.
One concerned reader from Wyberton has been in touch to say that there are at least 30 lamps of the old pebbled concrete type that are on their last legs – and that the metal ones are not much better either.
“If the parishes are to take on the lighting it should be handed over in a fit state, and not need replacing for some considerable time.”
We imagine that many other parishes feel the same.
In Wyberton there’s also the matter of the Quadrant development – although it sounds to be getting less magnificent over time.
We hear that Chestnut homes are to start a residents group to deal with all aspects of grass and lighting – but that now, only 50 houses are being planned for completion every year.
We’re also told that the South East Lincolnshire Plan has red-lined the entire west side of A16 Quadrant development for houses – when  it was supposed to be a mix of housing, commercial, a supermarket, a hotel and garage.
As far as grass cutting is concerned, we are told: “Parishes have no equipment, so will have to pay contractors.
“At present Wyberton has only been given a price to cut one piece of grassed area, Cuckoo Land.
“It is usually cut once or twice a week depending on growth. The quote we were given is to only have it cut four times, which is ridiculous, and the price isn’t much better either, at  £659.
“More to the point it’s council owned land and they get the rent for it. Admittedly it goes back to the allotment holders – so should they pay, or take it on themselves? “Little thought as usual seems to have gone into this, and certainly not much discussion.”
Now there’s a surprise!

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