Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Leader just isn’t
getting the message

Every good political publication has a sketch writer – and today, so do we.
The following was sent in by the pseudonymous Quadranteer after Monday’s full council meeting – which by all accounts bordered on the farcical.
Without giving anything away, we can say that Quadranteer is a Worst Street insider with a detailed and long-standing knowledge of the way the place works and who has an ear close to the ground.

he bitterest looking face in the whole council chamber last Monday evening, was Councillor Claire Rylott, alongside the man who seems to believe that he has a God-given right to mess things up, and then bluster his way out of his own mess by blaming others ... like the Town Team.
Really big questions need to be asked about Cabinet responsibilities and the pretty big pot of money, that Councillor Paul Skinner was given by B-tacky.
He and Her Ladyship adopted a sort of rankling unwillingness to accept their shared blame for these two mess-ups ... nor did they take too kindly to having to answer reasonable questions from those they seem to regard as the “deplorable” opposition!
Perhaps ‘Nipper’ should have told them that the politics of the borough are not theirs to translate.
Nor are they subject to protected transmission in the way they might like to be. ‘Nipper’ really needs to step up to the plate and warn them both that cabinet positions carry serious responsibility – and not as they seem to think as being members of a kind of royal family, above question,  despite  their theory that they have some special entitlement.
Peter knows better than most just how burdensome leadership can be, and the cabinet is thought to be the first step along that very rocky road.
Mrs Rylott believes she has found a way to counter members’ normal practice, and not bother too much to waste much time on her first ‘answer’ to their questions – instead concentrating on getting to the supplementary, and droning on and on about previously unfathomable and less-known facts unrelated to the opening question.
In fact the venerable Mayor seems very keen to suggest brevity is applied to opposition observations, yet some kind of blindness occurs when the questioner queries this drone-some tactic.
Mr Mayor: begin to look around, watch the reactions to your so-called un-politicised position and react fairly!
Meanwhile, questions are mounting on the continuing subject of the effectiveness of some members of the ruling group in the full council.
It surely will not have escaped the notice of even the most loyal of Conservative members and supporters that those whose recent performances were condemned, and were in attendance, are failing in more ways than one in their contributions to win Worst Street debates.
So why then does an organisation such as the Conservatives continue to stick with mediocrity rather than pursue purposeful challenge, and set forth to demand a fairer and better future for Boston by getting a decent leader installed?
Our present leader seemed to show so much glee and surprise when he received a 25-year long-service scroll from the Mayor –  naively, I suggest, he saw this as an accolade, rather than a very strong hint.
Yes, Peter, that award was telling you that some  “friends” whom you may have thought held you in high regard no longer think of you in such a way.
It was a kindly way of telling you to hang everything up, and book yourself and the missus on a very, very long holiday!
One is bound to wonder why the 'Blueys', as one hard-working, but formerly disenchanted Tory, Carol Taylor, christened them, have continued to tolerate the obvious and growing failures of ‘Nipper?’
It is well-known this leader’s position for the greatest part has always been most weakened by his own personal failings rather than those of Conservative policy.
However, the newest and most threatening situation is now more to do with the attitude of those around him that will cause the ship to wobble and lurch in what should now be considered as pretty calm seas!
As always in Boston Borough, when the roar of a lion begins to weaken, whispers abound of new horizons being introduced, mostly by the enemy – and it will probably come to nothing – but it would do no harm for sitting councillors to begin upping their games ... even those who may already have – or are thinking about – deciding to jump and drown, or jump and swim!

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  1. "A special meeting of the borough council’s Boston Town Area Committee (BTAC) is to take place to discuss this year’s Christmas event - with the lighting much criticised. The meeting, agreed by BTAC on Wednesday, will take place at the end of February.

    Chairman Nigel Welton said it would be a thorough investigation into the event but 
would not look to place blame." - Boston Standard on-line.

    Well, all I can say is that the last sentence certainly seems to substantiate Quadranteer's robust and welcome opinion, amply.

    Accountability appears not to be a valued nor recognised quality in the Worst Street circus.