Saturday, 1 April 2017

Boston Borough Council is calling in a circus animal training expert in its latest war on litter in the town.
Starting soon a squad of pigeons equipped with cameras will be circling high above Boston Market Place as part of project Sky High In The Town to spot litterers and mark them for staff to track down and prosecute.
The pigeons will be based in Central Park aviary, but seven days a week will soar above Boston on a never-ending lookout for people dropping litter.

And when they spot someone they will launch a two pronged attack.
First the camera attached to the birds will capture the offenders in the act – but in case they try to deny their guilt, Worst Street has a Plan B to back things up.
“Our campaign to spray pink circles around dog poo left in the street by thoughtless owner was a huge success,” said council spokesman Òlaf Lopĩr – a trainer with Lopĩr 's Marvellous Menagerie  who is on a six-month contract with the council to train the pigeons and other animals.
“Our little flockers over Central Park will be taking it further.
“We are feeding them a diet containing the food dye cochineal, and after they have taken their incriminating picture they will do what pigeons everywhere do without any training at all – and drop a pink dollop on the offender’s head which can easily be identified by our CCTV cameras on the ground."
Worst Street has come up with a slogan for the Market Place campaign – Think Pink, We’ve Got You Spotted, which will be appearing on T-shirts and badges to go on sale from the council offices and the tourist information centre shortly.
A council spokesman added: “We want residents and visitors alike to know that when you come to Boston, you will be shat on from a great height by the borough council.”
But the campaign doesn’t end there.
Once he has trained the pigeons, Mr Lopĩr will be turning his skills to the squirrels in the park …

… Dogs apparently roaming innocently in the street …

Cats both indoors and out …

Even  the mouse behind the hole in the skirting board  and your budgie in its cage will be watching for litterers.

And finally, the project has caused so much excitement in Worst Street that even members of the cabinet are trying it out ...

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  1. Scouter 41April 05, 2017

    Very irresponsible of you to go putting ideas into their tiny minds :)

  2. Well at least the 'Pecker in Chief' appears to have finally thrown in the towel - which has been long overdue for some time now, as I recall from an apparent reluctant election speech some moons ago.

    Good riddance.

  3. I am curious to know why the august Boston Parking Meter warden seems to have an unspoken agreement with the Taxi owners parked for all hours outside their abodes and never receiving a ticket?

    I have been watching it for a while now ...