Sunday, 23 October 2011

Hitchens pleased by march decision

Mail on Sunday columnist Peter Hitchens has welcomed the decision to postpone - not call off, as he apparently thinks - the march planned to protest at excessive levels of immigration in Boston.
In his column today, he writes:
"I am pleased to say that a planned march against immigration in Boston, Lincolnshire, has been called off. The organisers rightly feared that it would be taken over by sinister and creepy factions.
"It occurs to me - though of course it isn’t true - that if MI5 wanted to discredit any honest movement against mass immigration, the cleverest thing it could do would be to set up something called, say, the ‘British Patriotic Party’, and staff it with Jew-haters, racialists and Holocaust deniers.
"And then these people could latch on to every decent protest and wreck it.
"By contrast, look at what is happening in Switzerland. There, a mainstream political party isn’t ashamed to oppose mass immigration on perfectly civilised and reasonable grounds.
"The Swiss are on course for a referendum that will almost certainly vote to close their borders after a failed experiment with leaving them wide open."

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