Friday, 14 February 2014


The events of last week, which brought us out of hibernation, were not the first by any means. Admittedly, it took a particularly puerile rant by a councillor with the savoir-faire of a hermit crab to light our blue touch paper, but the kindling has been there since the day we stopped blogging.
The leadership of Boston Borough Council is an Aunt Sally because of its spectacular incompetence, not because of the bias of commentators or any form of political agenda.
In almost every respect, it resembles a clapped out platoon – Dad’s Army without the laughs – which is epitomised by its bunker mentality in the ever-decreasing time it has to make amends between now and next May’s elections.
All the bluster of the borough’s Captain Mainwaring, and cabinet colleagues such as his Captain Mannerless, has done nothing to disguise the fact that the Conservatives took  control of Boston as much to their own amazement as that of the electorate.
They were elected with no policies and have clung to that ideology ever since.
Now, as the sands trickle inexorably through the hourglass, they seem to be getting increasingly embattled.
Letters to editors, self-congratulatory “comment” columns in local papers, and now a daily council bulletin – think Pravda  meets the Pyongyang Times – are all feeble efforts to paper over the cracks.
We’ve exchanged one crumbling monument in the form of the Assembly Rooms for another – a leadership without solid foundations that cannot seem to recognise its own structural shortcomings .
The Assemby Rooms fiasco is a classic example of the leadership’s inability to get things right.
Having neglected it to the point where it was a blight, not an asset to the town,  the leader – without any sense of irony – launched an attack on the Post Office,  reminding it of the “a mandatory government instruction that public bodies owning heritage assets should not leave them empty and that options for re-use should be considered before deciding to sell.”
Forgive us if we emit a hollow laugh.
It’s one of the clearest signs – if signs were needed – of the remoteness and arrogance of a leadership that clearly regards the people who gifted it their trust as idiots who are beneath contempt.
We thank the people who welcomed us back last week, and for as long as we are able, we will continue to blog – weekly on a Friday for the time being.
Don’t forget – Every Friday, it’s Boston Eye day!
Watch this space, as they say.

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  1. Welcome back new boston eye and not before have been greatly missed. Cllr Carol Taylor

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  3. Excellent to have you back - what a welcome relief!