Thursday, 11 October 2012

There’s just a week to go to the Frampton and Holme election for a seat on Boston Borough Council – and today we present Boston Eye’s definitive guide to the candidates – with the chance to read what they have to say about themselves.
At the election in May last year, there were only three candidates – Independent Brian Rush, who was elected, plus a candidate from UKIP and one from the former Boston Bypass Independents. The election has now been called because of the resignation of Councillor Rush – a long term critic of the way Boston Boston Council is run.
The electorate was 1,364. The turnout, at 48.83%   was the highest of the 32 seats contested – and students of the occult may like to muse on the fact that 666 ballot papers were issued. The seat is traditionally independent.
This time there are five candidates – two Independents, one Conservative, one Labour and one UKIP.
Their names appear  below in alphabetical order – with a link to their election literature. To view it, click on the thumbnail to enlarge it, then on the back arrow to return to the main Boston Eye blog.  

Stuart Ashton  (left.)  A 41 year-old local farmer and businessman, who was born in the village. His mother, Joan, was also an Independent councillor for the ward for many years, and a former Mayor of Boston.
Boston Eyelight  – If it’s not a contradiction in terms, Mr Ashton could be described as the Independents’ Independent – having being endorsed by the former councillor Brian Rush and  the favoured candidate of the eminence gris of Boston Borough Council’s Independent group spokesman, Councillor Richard Leggott.  

Maggie Peberdy (right.) Another Independent candidate, who has lived in Frampton for 30 years. Last year she retired after 25 years as manager of Boston Citizens’ Advice Bureau, where she  says the job gave her considerable experience of working with Boston Borough Council staff and councillors.
Boston Eyelight  – Early stages of her campaign were marred by suggestions that she had been asked to stand for the Boston District Independents – denied by both her and Councillor Richard Austin. However, the rumours resurfaced when Councillor Austin was seen helping put up her election posters. He has confirmed this,  but said it was because he regarded Mrs Peberdy as someone who would make a very valuable councillor, and emphasised that she had not been approached to join the BDI or stand for it. Mrs Peberdy added: “Richard Austin has indeed been helping with things such as putting up election signs, for which I am very grateful.  I emphasised at the outset that I wanted to stand as an Independent and he has never asked me to consider standing as a BDI.” 

Sue Ransome   (left.)  Standing for UKIP.   Mrs Ransome lives in Wyberton and is a Kirton parish councillor.
Boston Eyelight   A political activist. Mrs Ransome is UKIP’s East Midlands Regional Office treasurer, and once contested a parliamentary seat – standing for Amber Valley in 2010.  She also stood in the Old Leake and Wrangle by-election. Her husband, Don, is UKIP East Midlands Regional Organiser and a Wyberton parish councillor. She has a blog at

Claire Rylott  (right.)  Conservative.  Lives in Kirton Holme, and is another member of Kirton Parish Council. She describes herself as a “modern Conservative, but with traditional values.”
Boston Eyelight   – Campaign leaflet mimics the one used by the Conservatives at last year’s elections – including the same main issues. The only one noticeably absent is a reprise of last year’s pledge on accountability and transparency – which included ending “behind closed door” policies.

Mike Sheridan-Shinn (left.)  Last year, he contested Boston’s Pilgrim Ward for Labour, but is something of a political chameleon.  In a by-election for the same ward in 2009 he stood as a Liberal Democrat, and in the same year stood for the Lib Dems in the Lincolnshire County Council elections for Boston North West.
Boston Eyelight   The only candidate not to live in the constituency or a nearby rural area, which is reflected in the promises made in the leaflet  ... which mainly address Boston town issues.

Don’t forget, it is important to use your vote if you live in the Frampton and Holme ward.
The poll is a week today – Thursday, 18th  October.  Polling is between 7am and 10pm.
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